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First Baptist Church Danville


Visiting a church for the first time can be uncomfortable and overwhelming. We want to help you as much as possible! Below is some information that might make your experience a little easier.


As you arrive...

Pull right on in to our main parking area. Feel free to park in any spot that is open; you won’t take another person’s spot. You may enter the building on either side, underneath the overhangs.


As you enter...

At either entrance, our greeters will meet you with a smile and a church bulletin. If you let them know you are new, they will be glad to direct you to the rooms you need.

People In Church

What to wear

When you arrive, you may find many of us in traditional “Sunday best,” suits, dresses, and that sort of thing. You’ll also find many of us in something more like business casual or even less dressy clothes. Please don’t worry about this decision. You are welcome here, no matter what.

For your littlest ones

During every service, we happily provide nursery care for infants and children up to three years old. Two different nurseries, separated by age and development, allow for a comfortable, safe place for your child to sleep, eat, or play during the service. Trained workers will listen to any instructions you may have and lovingly care for your child.

Image by Michael Maasen


Music is an important element of our worship here at First Baptist, so you can expect lots of instrumental music and congregational singing. We use a combination of traditional old hymns and new songs.

Image by micheile henderson


Along with the singing, this is one of the ways we as a church family worship God, by giving back to Him a part of what He has given to us.

Image by Rod Long

Message from God's Word

Most importantly, you will hear a message from God’s word. Sometimes our pastor will preach on a specific subject, but typically he will go verse by verse, uncovering the lessons God has for us in His Word.

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